iOS USB Flash Drive

  • $ 24.95

Picture this...

You're on your dream vacation and you grab your phone to document a very special moment. After framing the shot to perfection you go to take the picture and then BAM! A message that reads "there isn't enough space on your phone" pops up on your screen. You scramble to delete an app or two but by the time you free up the space on your phone the moment has already passed.

We are offering you a simple and effective way to add external memory to your smartphone. Simply slide, connect, then load any photos, videos, documents or music onto the iOS USB Flash Drive. Perfect to use when transferring files between old and new phones. Available in assorted colors and storage capacities to suit your specific needs.


  • [Usability] Easy to sync with your phone
  • [Portable] Convenient to carry with you everywhere you go
  • [Universal] Compatible with any Apple device that has a lightning USB port
  • [Storage] 8GB - 64GB Storage capacities

Note: This product ships to the United States ONLY